Stray cat saves an abandoned baby in freezing temperatures

Besides getting praised for being adorable and furry, cats are often associated with titles such as selfish and self-centered. A cat from Russia seems to have done something that convinces one that dog is not necessarily the only animal friend man can count on. Ready for a story then? Here we go.

Obninsk cat


A Russian lady based in Obninsk rushed to the staircase in her apartment block upon hearing loud meowing. She noticed a cat box that was surrounded by possible offenders whom she hushed away in an instant. To her surprise, she didn’t discover just a cat staring back at her from the box but a well dressed baby boy, hardly 3 months of age, was lying cuddled to his furry mate.

Russian cat

The lady reports that that the box also contained a bag with diapers and baby food. However, the feline carer was the one who had been keeping the abandoned baby warm and cozy. Even as the medics reached the scene, the cat was reluctant to let the baby out of her care.

Cat saves baby

The lady reported the dramatic incident as the medics took the baby in the ambulance: “When an ambulance worker took the baby to bring him into the car, the cat followed him and pitifully meowed.”

The adoptive mother resorted to sitting for hours on the road in waiting for the boy to return once she realized she couldn’t be allowed to escort him.

Cat and baby

The boy received medical care in one of the town hospitals where residents rushed to check up on him. The police continue to search for the boy’s parents whereas the cat is getting a hero’s treatment by residents and hospital staff, alike. Didn’t I say she’s expecting? Well, all that caring for a human baby might well have trained her for her own. Suffice it to say, she truly deserves company at this point.

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