Who is the best judge of your character? Why Facebook ofcourse!

You thought your friends and family know you better than anyone else? Well, you’re wrong. In the modern day and with computers on the rise, that has drastically changed. This has been confirmed courtesy of a study by researchers from University of Cambridge and Stanford. It turns out Facebook knows you better than most.

FB Likes


An algorithm in this study calculated the amount of ‘Likes’ that each computer required on average. This allowed the computer to better assess the character and traits of a person based on the figures available. As many as 86,200 participants took questionnaires on myPersonalityapp and were also prompted to access the ‘Likes’ on their Facebook.

Considering the number of the registered ‘Likes’ the researchers would compare the computer’s judgment to that of people who were associated with the participants giving the ‘Likes’. Each participant was judged on the basis of their future prospects including: substance abuse, physical health and political leaning.

FB Likes

The differing amount of given ‘Likes’ affected the computer’s accuracy of prediction compared to various other people’s. Take co-workers for that matter; the computer required 10 likes to surpass their prediction. In contrast, it needed 70 to better a friend’s while 150 ‘Likes’ to beat the forecast by family members. It even managed to fare better than a spouse’s prediction with 300 ‘Likes’.

Researchers believe that studies such as these potentially pave way for human-computer interaction. It also hints at the immense capacity that computers possess that allow them to understand psychological traits of a person. Advancements such as these clearly mean that it’s not too long before emotionally sensitive and socially skilled robots take the spotlight.

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