People from All Over the World help Leukemia Patient with Cute Dog Photos

People from around the globe have sent over half a million photos of their dogs in support of Anthony Lyons who continues to fight against Leukemia. The 16-year old has been admitted in Phoenix Children’s Hospital since July, 2014 where he’d spend another three and a half years for chemotherapy treatment.

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Anthony explained to a family friend, Roberta, how excited he was each time a therapy dog visited him. The fact that they are so excited to see him makes him equally joyous. Roberta put out one simple request for Facebook pals to share: send in pooch pictures. These were to be used on days when therapy dogs took a break.

Therapy dogs

Roberta and family initially thought that only a few close friends would probably respond to the request. Little did they know that the campaign would go viral the world over. They couldn’t believe their luck as pictures of the most adorable dogs kept coming in. The excitement hit the roof when they realized that count reached nearly one million.

Pooch pics

Pictures have been received from residents of Dubai to those based in the US. Anthony said that it’s extremely heartening to see such a massive response for this cause. He also believes that in times when bad stories more often take the spotlight, incidents like these prove that there is still a lot of hope for humanity.

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