Facebook Copies Google Plus Circles in Friend Lists

facebook friend lists now copy google plus circles


Facebook is adapting the google Plus features that people have been asking for over the years. Seems it needed the push that G+ gave it to get Facebook moving. The most recent Google Plus type modification comes in the shape of Friend lists. If you’ve gotten a hang of G+ circles by now, well, using these Facebook lists may be easier than they were when you started on Google Plus.

Here’s a review of some of these “new” features for your Facebook friend lists.

  • Smart lists – You’ll see smart lists that create themselves and stay up-to-date based on profile info your friends have in common with you–like your work, school, family and city.
  • Close Friends and Acquaintances lists – You can see your best friends’ photos and posts in one place, and see less from people you’re not as close to.
  • Better suggestions – You can add the right friends to your lists without a lot of effort.


facebook improves friend lists like google plus


Facebook has taken it one step further by adding “Smart Lists”. These are lists that will update themselves based on your interactions with people and on their relationship with you. This is very similar to Facebook’s algorithm that automatically decides whose updates you see in your news feed.

Additionally, the new improved Facebook friend lists will also allow you to decide who to share with. You can choose to share all those drunk pictures with only your partners in crime so your boss (who is in another list) doesn’t get to see you throw up all over your girl friend. Sounds familiar?

Check out the official Facebook Announcement.

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