ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raised The Same Amount of Money That Floyd Mayweather Made From Fighting Manny Pacquiao

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge began as a small charitable act in a Northern zone of the United States last summer. It merely involved people dumping a bucket full of ice water on their heads before nominating other members of their family and friends to follow. This attempt to spread awareness regarding ALS eventually caught on and went viral around the globe. No wonder the ALS Ice bucket Challenge has raised over $220 million to date which equals the amount of money that Floyd Mayweather made from fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather earned the same amount that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised.

There is no denying the fact that spreading awareness with the Ice Bucket Challenge alone is not an end in itself. It is imperative that an effective cure is sought. Infact, the funds raised by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have allowed the ALS Association to pursue new alliances in order to find new medication that can treat ALS. The infographic depicts the integrated approach taken by authorities to help eradicate ALS.

Integrated approach taken in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Some of the important alliances that the ALS Association has managed to pursue include those with The New York Genome Center, Project MinE, ALS Accelerated Therapeutics and the Neuro Collaborative. These alliances are expected to boost funding by a whopping 50 percent with annual grants. In addition, it will help develop a regulatory document that will speed up the process of anti ALS drug development.

Pat Quinn, one of the many who started the Ice Bucket Challenge, strongly feels that it is the common people who changed the game and induced a sense of fight within the international community. He wishes for the same people to continue taking this fight to ALS with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Undoubtedly, there have been fascinating attempts at the challenge by many over the past year. Let’s leave you with an interesting Ice Bucket Challenge compilation featuring celebrities from around the world.

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