Newly Discovered Species Has Sex Until It Dies!

Human beings aren’t the only species on earth that can be sex crazed. Antechinus are a breed of marsupials that exhibit characteristics of suicide. Do you know how they commit suicide? They engage in insanely long periods of sex like there is no tomorrow!

Marsupial Antechinus

Donning the size of a rat, the fresh species of male Antechinus in South Brisbane spend their mating season seizing all opportunities to have sex. Sex sessions that can last as long as 14 hours can lead to these tiny bodies wearing out in the process. However, probability of another such sex-crazed marsupial being born goes up by nearly the same amount as the insane amount of sex time.

Antechinus has sex till it drops

Ugh! Let me wipe those semen remains off my back.

It is not uncommon for animals to fight to dominate another group of animals. Usually that would be the only means of competition between most species. However, this particular specie is known to compete by inseminating the most in the female counterparts. It’s this desperation that keeps these sex-crazed creatures to die trying. Feeling queasy yet?

Suicidal Sex-Crazed Antechinus

I bet that tiny thing is desperate to get out of here and on to something else

Self-destructing sex practices are common among most insects. In order to enhance probability of procreation, the praying mantis is known to bite off the male insect’s head while still in the process of mating. What a bitch, you might think. What remains of the male’s body carries on the deed, though. So, in a way the mutual consent very much remains.

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