Microchip Implant reunites a long-lost dog with its beloved owner

It’s amazing how useful technology can prove to be especially in the tensest moments. A couple of decades back, one could not even imagine finding a beloved pet lost a long way away from home. Times have changed for the better, folks. A microchip implant is the savior behind this fancy tale.

Microchip implant

Just so that you have some perspective, a microchip implant is an integrated circuit that is carefully planted under an animal’s skin. Radio Frequency Identification technology incorporated in the puny chip allows chip scanners to read them. As you’d imagine, they are avid tools of identification.

On to the story then. Virginia-based Stacey Moses lost her beloved dog just over a couple of years back. It was only recently found in Kentucky that is well over 450 miles farther than home. An animal rights group ‘Love of Paws’ took in the dog and scanned it with a chip scanner. It took no time to identify the poor thing and Stacey was contacted rightaway.

Dog found using microchip

Stacey couldn’t believe her luck when she got the call and embarked on the seven hour drive straightaway to reunite with her dog. She admits that this marks one of the best days of her life. Moreover, she is pleasantly surprised at noticing the dog never forgot him, almost as if “in his little heart he was hoping mommy would come get him.” Oh the wonders of technology!

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