Bring Back 8 Kg Trash or Else, Nepal Tells Everest Climbers

Growing up as children, we have all heard our share of sermons on keeping our locality clean. Etiquettes we have picked along the way include teachings about not littering the environment. However, mountain climbers don’t seem to have been paying too much attention to that.

Who engraves those rules in the Cro-Magnon skulls of these climbers? The Nepalese government is now taking such offences head on. New legislation now requires every climber to Mount Everest to return with at least eight kilos of garbage besides the climber’s own luggage. Talk about keeping the house in order.

Clean Everest

Mountaineering is a thing of the past no more as more and more people have taken interest in exploring the heights. This has also translated in an abnormal increase in the rubbish at altitudes as high as 8,000 meters. This includes things that do not normally decompose in chilly conditions such as oxygen cylinders and even dead bodies. That leaves Nepalese Sherpa with the task of getting rid of human sh*t (yes, exactly what you imagine it to be).

Everest Clean Up

Namgyal Sherpa

This might be the end of that non-sense. Expeditions are now expected to set camp for their own convenience and the community’s. A hefty deposit of $4000 has to be paid prior to the expedition and refunded only once it’s confirmed that the climber has brought back everything. While legal rulings in place before did not produce the desired results, the new legislation is expected to work the magic. In case of a breach, climbers will be legally dealt with (hefty fines are a given).

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