Economical Habits of Rich People That Could Help You Get Rich

If you thought you could become rich overnight, think again. Some of the richest people in the world tried some super effective frugal habits which helped them climb that ladder. That’s right; rich people also manage to be economical in the way they spend their wealth. Here are some economical habits of rich people in the world.

Jay Leno - Economical habits of rich people

Jay Leno (Net worth: 238m GBP)

Who doesn’t know this famous TV presenter? Well, there is reason to remember his name now. Leno used to render his services at a fast food outlet and also worked at a car dealership when he was still a child. He developed the habit of spending the earnings from one source of employment and saving the cash from the other. He carried over this habit of working two jobs and saving salary from one as he earned millions of dollars from not only stand-up comedy but also as a TV presenter.

Beyonce - Economical habits of rich people

Beyonce (Net worth: 308m GBP)

Don’t be surprised that Beyonce is mentioned in a post regarding economical habits of rich people. Afterall, the world renowned pop singer and actor has always been on the lookout for freebies. That’s right; Beyonce avoids squandering boatloads of cash on beauty items to flaunt her style. Instead, the pop icon relies on ornaments and beauty items gifted to her by various designers and admirers.

Steve Jobs - Economical habits of rich people

Steve Jobs (Net worth: 4.6b GBP)

The former CEO and Co-founder of Apple focused on only buying things that were actually needed. Make no mistake; Jobs used to practice what he preached. He was reported to have preferred being cold rather than spending money on buying an overcoat. He simply didn’t think he would need one, so he chose not to squander a dime.

Azim Premji - Economical habits of rich people

Azim Premji (Net worth: 10.1b GBP)

Chairman of WIPRO is known as the Tsar of Indian IT industry but he fancies living on a budget. He is all about living a relatively simple life. That clearly shows when he travels since he steers clear of 5-star hotels and settles for more economical accommodation options. He is even reported to have used paper plates on the wedding of his son. Take that for economical habits of rich people.

Mark Zuckerberg - Economical habits of rich people

Mark Zuckerberg (Net worth: 30.4b GBP)

The founder and CEO of Facebook may be super rich but he has chosen not to indulge in the purchase of luxury items. That also explains why he is not seen driving any flashy cars around or wearing designer suits on a daily basis. Instead, his wardrobe is home to simply designed jeans and t-shirts. Oh, and did we mention he drives a saloon car that set him back by merely 20,000 GBP?

Honorable mentions:

Warren Buffet (Living in a modest home worth 21,000 GBP since 50 years)

Michael Bloomberg (Made do with only two pairs of shoes for 10 years)

Elon Musk (Tried living on one dollar per day)

If you can think of any more economical habits of rich people, let us know in the comments below.

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