You Can Rent The Country That Snoop Dog Tried To Hire For Only $70,000 Per Day

Coming to terms with country hire

The idea of renting an entire country might well be mind boggling for many. A key part of renting such a large chunk of land is booking most accommodations that are available. That is not an end in itself, though. Infact, that’s where all the fun begins especially when you try hiring a country like  Liechtenstein.


The perks of country hiring Liechtenstein

As the tenant of such a sizeable portion, you have the ability to rename streets and cities, and have your own currency printed for a temporary period. You could even have logos of your choice carved on the mountainside. Basically, Liechtenstein is a land of many possibilities.

Liechtenstein waters

Warm welcome you receive

You would be welcomed to the medieval festival by marching bands and mayors where you’d receive the key to the city. You could even visit the wine tasting event at Prince’s estate where you can amuse yourself with a spectacular show of fireworks.

Liechtenstein castles

Who brings you this exciting program

Airbnb has partnered with Xnet, an event marketing and production company, to offer this rare portfolio of events. The idea is to offer customers more than just accommodation in a generic hotel; it’s a rather unique experience. Be it corporate retreats or personal tours, they promise the best.

Liechtenstein village

A blessing in disguise for local population

This initiative also has a lot in store for the locals. Every event requires local support in regards to catering, infrastructure and many other services. That’s where the local population highly benefits with more and more people taking a tour from the world over.

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