This is How a Redditor Made Her Sister Expensive $6000 Prom Shoes At Home for As Cheap As $40

I am certainly no expert on fashion but online retailers sell glittery prom shoes for quite an expensive price so there’s hardly any chance of getting them for cheap. Like magic, all good things in life come with a price ofcourse.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you are making stuff at home. That’s right; Redditor eithical_rhyme made her sister expensive $6000 prom shoes for as cheap as $40 at home.

Redditor makes xpensive prom shoes for cheap at home.

Working with cheaper shoes

First of all, the Redditor acquired relatively plain looking shoes that cost merely $25. To be precise these are Steve Madden pumps that she found on sale on MJM Designer Shoes.

You can make expensive prom shoes for cheap at home.

Painting them blue

She began to paint them blue, not exactly the same shade that is visible in the original picture but that was still intended to be the final result.

This is how one can make expensive prom shoes at home for cheap.

Taping the blue shoes

Once the paint she applied had dried up, she carefully taped up the shoes.

Why not make expensive prom shoes for cheap at home?

Adding red paint to the mix

She then applied some layers of red acrylic paint to the shoes along with a couple of layers of polyurethane. The application of polyurethane added enough shininess to the shoes.

Expensive prom shoes can be made for cheap at home.

Gluing different-sized rhinestones on them

Next up, she assembled rhinestones with sizes ranging from 3mm to 6mm. She carefully placed these one after another to ensure proper coverage of variably-sized rhinestones across the shoes. In order to make sure they remained in their place, she used super extreme E-6000 glue.

Us erhinestones when makign expensive prom shoes for cheap at home.

Expensive prom shoes ought to have a lot of glitter and shine so she continued to glue more rhinestones till the shoes were fully covered with them.

Cover cheap shoe swith rhinestones when mimicing expensive prom shoes.

This is how the prom shoes look after all the hard work she put into them.

You can now make expensive prom shoes at home for cheap.

Prom shoes are expensive but they can be cheap when made at home.

Some would argue that the home-made prom shoes actually seem prettier than the original ones with a hefty price tag. In case you are wondering, it took the Redditor over two months to make these filthy expensive prom shoes for this cheap.

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