This Interactive Lamp Brings Thunderstorm To Your Room

Oh you have always wanted this, haven’t you? There is no better sight than the night sky flashing with thunder. The Cloud is an interactive lamp by New Zealand designer Richard Clarkson that will sit on your table and nearly perfectly mimic thunder courtesy of the speaker within.

Lightning Cloud

Courtesy: RichardClarkson

If you want it to feel more realistic, you may get the ceiling variant to hang in the room.

Ceiling Cloud

Motion sensors installed in The Cloud register one’s presence in the room and mimic thunder and lightning in accordance with the movement of the user. As far as the speaker is concerned, it can even stream music with the help of a Bluetooth device. How’s that for a musical thunder storm. It all sounds peachy but it’s going to cost you, wait for it…560GBP for the lamp and a whopping 2,000GBP for the ceiling version.

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