This Armless Archer Holds The World Record For The Most Precise Shot With A Bow

When we’re talking world record for the most precise shot with a bow, you must picture a lean individual standing tall with the bow drawn in and going for the gold. It’s quite the contrary, actually. Father of three, Matt Stutzman is a 29 year old who was deprived of arms from birth. Rejecting the proposal to have prosthetic arms meant that he had to perform daily tasks using his feet. That includes: brushing teeth, driving as well as changing baby diapers using nothing but his toes. That’s the record holder who can hit his target smack in the middle from 230 yards away. He is one inspiring personality one can think of.

Armless Archer

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Stutzman became familiar with archery in 2010 when he also found out that Paralympics was recognized as a sport. During the trials for Paralympics he came awfully close to breaking the world record held by archers without any disabilities.

Though, he proved himself better than the typical archers who take a shot from 76.5 yards away by taking a precise shot from a distance of 230 yards. Stutzman feels he has a point to prove with this feat. He firmly believes that this would pave way for him and his kind to earn a spot in the Olympics 2016.

Matt Stutzman


Unfortunately, politics within the sport and the kind of compound bow he uses prevent Stutzman from competing in the Olympics. Stutzman is confident that if he practices with a recurve bow he might actually get better at it. However, the fact that he sits in a chair to take a shot might not go down well with other competitors. Stutzman has been an optimist all his life and he believes there’s no reason to be any different now.

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