These Baby Poop Sausages Are Tasty And Healthy

The images you see below all depict sausages that contain some amounts of baby poop. Gross, right? What if you were told that they are actually delectable and extremely healthy? Call researchers crazy but that’s what they claim bacteria from baby poop to account for. If have survived the scare of throwing up on the spot, let us delve deeper into details.

Baby poop sausages

Is it just me or does that look like baby poop in a meat suit?

It’s all a game of bacteria. The different flavours in food that you taste are all a corollary of the bacteria presence. It is them that develop various compounds in foods that make things taste delicious.

Same is the case here. These sausages taste very much like fuet in Spain. What separates real fuet and these is that real fuet is aided by bacteria in the animal flesh while the latter benefit from bacteria found in microbes in baby poop.

Baby poo sausage

Yummy for your tummy?

Apparently, a couple of essential probiotics are part of baby poop: Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. Researchers report that these make baby poop as healthy a component to add to human diet as a dairy product such as yogurt. If it’s any consolation, the team of researchers actually tasted these sausages and reported the deliciousness themselves.

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