Remarkably Similar Twins Lead Eerily Similar Lives

It is natural for us to assume that every person in the world is unique since we can relate to that. Twins tend to violate that very assumption particularly in regards to their eerily similar looks. However, ‘Jim Twins’ take that to another level with not exactly their looks but how remarkably similar their lives are. Here is a look at the remarkably similar twins who lead eerily similar lives.

Jim Twins are remarkably similar twins.

Similarities begin

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer share the first name rather than the last which isn’t usual in case of most twins. The Jim Twins were separated when they were born and taken in by two different families. The first coincidence in the lives of the remarkably similar twins was the fact that both were named James by their respective families.

Similarities in their youth

Ofcourse, the remarkably similar twins did not just share first names; various other aspects of their lives made them eerily similar. Despite growing up 45 miles apart and having no contact with one another, they both named their dogs ‘Toy’. The Jim Twins even happened to suffer from migraine headaches and bit their fingernails when they were nervous.

Coming off age, similarly

Similarities between the remarkably similar twins were not limited to their youth; they led eerily similar lives even as they matured. For instance, both Jims drank the same brand of beer (Miller Lite) and smoked the same brand of cigarettes (Salem). Also, both the Jim Twins married twice to women with the same names; first to ladies named Linda and then to Betty. They would both leave love notes for their wives before they would depart to discharge their duties as sheriffs.

Similar family treatment

Later in their lives, the remarkably similar twins had sons, one of whom was named James Allan whereas the other was called James Alan. Moreover, each of the Jim Twins had a light blue Chevrolet which they would drive to Florida-based Pas Grille beach on family vacations.

Differences between Jim Twins

The Jim Twins weren’t exactly carbon copies of one another; there were notable differences between the two. While one Jim would comb his hair straight, the other would comb them back. Similarly, one of the remarkably similar twins fancied writing whereas the other Jim preferred orally conveying his thoughts. Despite having married twice, only one of the two Jims took vows with a third wife called Sandy.

Remarkably similar twins reunite

Curiosity got the better of Jim Springer when he was 37 years of age. He embarked on a journey to locate his long-separated twin brother and found his name via a local courthouse. They initially spoke over the telephone before they eventually reunited in 1979. Many argue that the case of the remarkably similar twins is proof of the existence of telepathic connection between the Jim Twins. Conversely, commentators chalk up the differences between the two to differences in locality.

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