Nigerian Restaurant Shut Down For Selling Human Meat

Authorities in Anambria, Nigeria shut down a restaurant selling human meat. Residents of Anambra reported their suspicions regarding the restaurant cooking and selling human flesh to customers. The police authorities attempted to raid the restaurant only to discover a couple of human heads which seemed like they had recently been severed.

Nigerian restaurant selling human meat.

When the police arrived on the scene, they discovered that the blood from those human heads was still being drained in a plastic bag. The restaurant didn’t just have unlawful human meat that it planned on selling to customers; it was marked with ammunition and burner phones. The police reported to have confiscated AK-47 rifles, grenades and various cell phones.

A resident of Anambra said that he often noticed strange behaviour of people who entered and left the restaurant selling human meat. He reported that there was hardly a time when he would see them wearing clean dresses. More often than not, he would observe rather strange looking men enter and leave that restaurant. According to him, he wasn’t surprised by this bizarre discovery.

A priest also reported to have had breakfast at the restaurant. He said that he was completely taken aback when he saw a 700 Naira bill. This translates to about $3.50 which is strange since most people in the area spend no more than $1 a day on food. The priest mentioned that the attendant said that the increased cost was due to a small piece of meat in his breakfast. Little did he know that the restaurant had charged him for human meat.

This is not the first time that reports of people in Nigeria having human flesh have surfaced. There have been stories about a chef in Australia cutting up and cooking his girlfriend prior to committing suicide. However, this is certainly the first confirmed report of a restaurant selling human meat.

Source: BBC

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