Human Beings Who Possess Super Powers For Real

Who doesn’t like to have super powers? We have all fantasized about it in the early days of our lives. Though, most of us have only been able to experience them on our television screen. Truth is that some human beings have been gifted with some super powers. Let’s present to you who these super humans are and what super powers they possess.

Dean Karnazes - Humans with super powers

Dean Karnazes

It’s quite obvious that this guy is in perfect shape. Though, that is not the super power, but the outcome of the superpower he enjoys. Karnazes is able to run without any stoppage for more than 10 kilometers per hour provided that he remains sufficiently fed and hydrated. He ran 560 kilometers in merely 80 hours and 44 minutes without taking a shuteye back in 2005. While a normal sprinter’s CPK figure, which demonstrates the measure of damage to muscles, crosses 2,400, Karnazes’s was hardly 447 following 25 marathons on the trot.

Master Zhou - Humans with super powers

Master Zhou

Speaking of super powers possessed by humans, Master Zhou is a Qigong healer and Kung Fu master who is able to heat objects using his hands alone. He went on to exhibit this super power as he dried clay in the hands before boiling water by merely touching it. As a result of these super powers, the Jewel of China has managed to assist people with body aches, tumors and various other health issues. While scientists failed to spot the reason for his super powers, Zhou associates this with meditation that allows him to concentrate it in the palm of his hand.

Tippi - Humans with super powers


You could think of Tippi as the female Mowgli in real life. Also known as the Animal Girl of Africa, Tippi was born to French wildlife photographer parents. Her super powers are all about her strangely close bond with wild animals. Unlike other kids of her age, Tippi had the rarest of friends in lion cubs, ostriches, crocodiles, mongoose, baby zebras, snakes, bullfrogs, cheetahs, giraffes, leopards and a 28-year old elephant. It’s as if the animals appreciated the fact the Tippi had no other kids to play with, so they accepted them in the fold.

Veronica Seider - Humans with super powers

Veronica Seider

This lady was renowned for having quality of vision 20 times better than usual. This super power allowed her to spot objects and people that were over 1.6 kilometers away from her. The telescopic vision allowed the German dentist to tell apart blue, green and red dots which constitute an image on the television display. What would most people give to have 6 by 6 binocular vision!

Liew Thow Lin - Humans with super powers

Liew Thow Lin

Famously termed as the magnet man, Liew Thow Lin is a 70-year-old contractor from Malaysia who is renowned for having pulled a car from twenty meters away by simply having an iron chain attached to an iron plate that was stuck to his midriff. Scientists have not able to find any source of magnetism on Lin’s body. Though, they appreciate that his skin demonstrates what could be perceived as a suction effect.

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