Chinese Mobile App for Hiring Thugs Allows People to Unleash Arranged Assualts

Technology seems to have advanced at such a pace that now there is an app for almost everything one wants to accomplish. Take this new Chinese mobile app for hiring thugs, for instance. That’s right, 滴滴打人 (Didi Da Ren) is an app developed in China that is meant to hire services of mercenaries who offer arrange of illicit services online.

How does this app work?

A reporter based in Kunming wished to investigate how far this goes and placed a fictitious ad using the mobile app for hiring thugs. He was patched with a thug based in Shanghai who claimed he was capable of putting anyone in a hospital bed. Though, the charges varied according to the extent of harm that was to be caused. The rates ranged from $30 to $80 and all he required was a photo, time and place to hunt down the victim. Apparently, the booking is to be made two days in advance whereas payment made online once the victim has been confined to that hospital bed.

This Chinese mobile app for hiring thugs helps put your pursuers in a hospital.

Where did the idea come from?

Interestingly, the idea of such an app for hiring thugs originated from an online talk show that featured a satirical video which showed a nurse in distress hiring the services of bodyguards to beat down her pursuers. It’s funny how this translated into an actual mobile app for hiring thugs in a rather short while. It may have been removed from app stores but users have already downloaded it more than 40,000 times from Qihoo 360.

What kind of people offer this service?

Word is that users wanting someone to give someone a beating of their lives simply put up an ad on the mobile app for hiring thugs that carry out the task for them. The thugs who offer such services usually include retired soldiers, gym coaches, crooks and gangsters. Services offered by these thugs range from arranged assaults to one-night-stand hook ups.

Mobile app for hiring thugs is being widely used in China.

Is that what the developers intended?

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the developers of this mobile app for hiring thugs, Changsta Zhang Kong Information Technology Limited, claim that the app was not meant for such illicit services. As a result, they have requested their staff to remove the ads for arranged assaults. Come to think of it, it’s indeed pretty scary to think that an internet connection and a mobile app for hiring thugs is all one needs to unleash a deadly assault on someone.

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