Australian man misses out on AUD$1 mega jackpot only by leaving his seat vacant to the winner

An Australia-based reddit user ‘MikeEchoOscarWhisky’ fancies his chances with casino every now and then. He has what you may call a gambling routine rather than gambling addiction. The man came to learn that the interlinked slot machine in a casino had accumulated enough over the past few months to bump the mega jackpot to AUD$1.

Realizing he had a chance with the sum he had scrounged up over a period of time, he decided to dedicate his night off to the game. To his pleasant surprise, he won himself a decent amount of $250. The man decided to take a short breather and left his seat vacant only to stretch his legs a bit. Little did he know that leaving that seat could become one factor out of many that deprived him of the glory.

Mega jackpot winner

It was not long before another man saw the vacant seat, sat in it and began playing. After only a few minutes Mike heard the man gasp and then locked his eyes on Mike exclaiming, “I think I got it! I’ve just won the million dollars!” Mike admits he had a really awkward feeling about what had transpired as he looked over the man to confirm it. Understandably, it’s like watching your fortune slip by.

Mike isn’t too broken over the incident. He firmly believes that the nature of algorithmic probability of the slot machines wouldn’t allow an easy win even if he continued playing. The fact that he feels happy for the man who took his seat (and potentially his $1M) and wishes him well is solid proof of that. That photo you see was actually snapped by Mike himself. Here’s hoping the million dollar man uses it well.

Read the full thread here if you like and let MikeEchoOscarWhisky know you feel for him.

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