An Ingenious Man Built Himself the Perfect House in the Underbelly of a Working Drawbridge

Lake Shore Drive drawbridge, like other bridges in Chicago, accommodates a great amount of vehicular traffic each day. It spans the entire Chicago River and remains the foremost structure that catches chilly winter winds off Lake Shore. However, for Richard Dorsay, a suburban native it was more than just that; he called it home.

Lake Shore Drawbridge

Since Dorsay’s meager salary didn’t allow him the luxury of having a posh house built at Lake Shore Drive, he decided to improvise a little. The ingenious man spotted a large but slim opening in the bridge and realized there was enough space for him to materialize his dream. Guess what, he managed to build a wooden shack into the girders and beams of the underbelly of the working drawbridge.

A man with such drive wouldn’t just stop there, would he? Dorsay found a way to install furniture in his creature cave. Oh, did I mention the man had a microwave and was also a fan of gaming? Well, he certainly had a TV and a PlayStation gaming console with him, all of which required electricity to operate. There was no way he was going to curb his interests; Dorsay simply tapped into the bridge’s electricity to make this happen. What followed were sessions with his welcome friends of fun and games with beer and nachos.

Drawbridge Chicago

Remember the part where I said it’s a drawbridge? Well, for those who may be unaware, this thing rotates, pretty much like a Ferris wheel. That’s right, as the bridge would ascend, Dorsay would quickly move the heavy objects against the walls such that they acted like floors. To remain incognito to the outside world, he would use blankets to camouflage his wooden shack. That’s quite the price to pay for ‘fancy’ living if you ask me.

Dorsay spent good four years in this dream house of his, during which he even had a few tenants. However, like with all good dreams an end to this one was inevitable. One fine day a friend of Dorsay’s turned him in for a lesser sentence. It was quite a spectacle for deputy commissioner Tom Powers who admitted that it was the first time he came across something like this as he had the structure demolished.

“Usually, it’s somebody trying to get warm at night,” he said.

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