Airline Flying Secrets Pilots Do Not Usually Tell You

Flying with a quality airline can be quite fun. However, there are always myths that hold back some of us from experiencing the joy of flying. Quite often, pilots simply prefer to not disclose some actual facts that relate to flying. Here are some airline flying secrets that airline pilots would not tell you.

Airplane struck by lightning when flying

Planes are often hit by lightning

Did you ever look out the window when flying and wonder if that flash of lightning hit the plane maybe? If you pay closer attention, you may pick this from a slight stutter and the sound in the fuselage. The static wicks lined across the edge of the plane’s wings and its tail dissipate the growing static as the lightning strikes a part of the plane’s body. As a result of this network of copper wires, the lightning passes along to a cloud in no time.

Avoid coffee made on flight when flying

Avoid coffee made on flight

Coffee can be quite intoxicating for hardcore coffee freaks. Interestingly enough, coffee made during flight could be literally intoxicating. That’s right; the potable water used to service airlines is full of chemicals. These are incorporated in order to get rid of bacteria that may grow over time. If your coffee tastes funny, it may well be due to those chemicals more than the taste of those coffee beans. How about, when you are flying next time, you stick to airlines that make their coffee at the airport.

Avoid using electronics when flying

Electronics do not interfere with the airline system

The airline crew are not kidding when they ask you to avoid using your cellphones. Though, it is not as big a deal as some make it seem since there is hardly any conclusive proof of this interfering with the airline system. The more pressing concern attached with the usage of mobile phones is that you may mistakenly let go of them and they might hit someone in the head. When you are flying at nearly 60 miles per hour, this can cause severe damage.

Pilot gets food when flying

Pilots don’t have to eat airline food

Many pilots have their meals separately prepared. This is done with the extra safety of the pilot in mind. Freshly prepared meals that is not the same as served to the passengers reduces the chances of food poisoning. Interestingly, there are often times when the first officer and the captain consume different meals. In this case, if one sort of food is contaminated the chances of the other being compromised are reduced. It is not a good feeling to know that those in charge of the flight are food poisoned when you are flying.

Prefer middle of plane when flying

Take the center for a smoother trip

You can think of an airplane as a see-saw. Sitting at either end means that you move a lot more than someone who sits closer to the center. Similarly, the least bumpy place in a plane is the middle. It also happens to be the place where you can breathe the freshest air without having to put up with the heat you might have to if you sat near the tail. So, next time you are flying, make sure you keep this in mind.

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