Why Insects Would Be The Meat On Your Menu In Future?

Insects have been on the menu for quite a long while. It’s only the lately developed societies that have completely abandoned bugs out of the culinary route. Instead, it has been more restaurant runs and fast food frenzy of late. With resources slowly but surely becoming scarce for animals to feed, it is important to determine what will fulfill our dietary needs when there isn’t enough chicken or beef around. Co-founder of Tiny Farms, Andrew Brentano seems to acknowledge that the answer is right around your feet – those tiny insects.

Insect meal

Brentano appreciates that in the modern day where people are connected with internet, awareness regarding protein production in insects spreads fast. As a result edible bugs could prove to be an important source of food in the future. The fact that farming these tiny creatures requires small spaces, even the rich can afford to farm them right at home.

So then, are you willing to have insects on your menu in the future or do you feel you can never be comfortable with that idea no matter what they tell you?

Courtesy: BBC

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