Super-sized Versions of Animals that Actually Exist

1. Leonberger – The super-sized dog

Super-sized animals: Leonberger

There were only a total of eight such dogs known to exist after World War II. You will find plenty more but the origins of these super-sized dogs can be traced back.

2. Maine Coon – The super-sized cat

Super-sized animals: Maine Coon

This super-sized cat can be extremely fluffy and is sure to give your arms a bit of a workout. Maine Coon is adorable alright, but you wouldn’t want to carry it for too long.

3. Flemish Rabbit – The super-sized rabbit

Super-sized animals: Flemish Rabbit

Named Sandy, this is one of the largest Flemish rabbits enjoying some off time with her subject.

4. Trigger: The super-sized cow

Super-sized animals: Trigger The Cow

This super-sized cow is 14 feet long, weighs more than a ton and reaches as high as 6.5 feet. Imagine how profitable he could prove to be for folks at McDonalds.

5. Lute Turtle – The super-sized turtle

Super-sized animals: Lute Turtle

Also referred to as Leatherback sea turtle, this one is the fourth heaviest modern reptile besides being unusually long and tall for a turtle. Besides the obvious distinction of size, its skin and oily flesh in place of a bony shell separates it from the rest.

6. Hercules Moth – The super-sized moth

Super-sized animals: Hercules Moth

Experts agree that this super-sized moth is the largest in the world. Originating from Central Moth, Australia, this one beats the Atlas Moth in terms of its size and length.

7. Giant Weta Cricket – The super-sized cricket

Super-sized animals: Giant Weta Cricket

This super-sized cricket from New Zealand can evidently shred a carrot to pieces. Anyone assisting in the act would hope his/her fingers are spared by the time the cricket has fully devoured the carrot.

8. Japenese Spider Crab – The super-sized crab

Super-sized animals: Japenese Spider Crab

Weighing as much as 41lbs, these super-sized spider crabs can do major damage with those deadly claws. It’s best to not fool around when you are anywhere near these things.

9. Harpy Eagle – The super-sized eagle

Super-sized animals: Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagles prefer to live in topical lowland forests in Central America. Some are even found in parts of Brazil where they are referred to as Royal Hawks. The super-sized predator is clearly one of the largest species of eagles around the globe.

10. African Goliath Frog – The super-sized frog

Super-sized animals: African Goliath Frog

You can expect to find these super-sized reptiles in Cameroon. With a shelf life of 15 years or so, they have no problems preying on snakes, bugs, other reptiles or little kids for that matter.

Source: Imgur/JustABunchOfComments

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