Loss of Eyes and Internal Organs Does Not Stop Angler Fish from Mating

That Cranky Creature

Angler fish is easily one of the ugliest creatures alive in deep sea. It leads a lonely life in probably the worst conditions possible in the depths of the sea. You’d imagine it has every reason to wear that grumpy look, right?

Angler fish

Physical Characteristics

With over 200 species, Angler fish are dark brown and gray with massive heads and equally big crescent shaped mouths with extremely sharp teeth. They may seem small at less than one foot but they are surely deadlier than that.

Female Anglers Expertly Conceal and Disguise


A characteristic exclusive to females is a dorsal spine that sticks out above the mouth much like a fishing pole. Angler fish contains a luminous lure that entices the prey in its proximity only to be snatched by the fish. Make no mistake; they can swallow more than they can chew. It’s often bigger than their own size. This glowing attribute is made possible because of the millions of bioluminescent bacteria present.

Angler fish is one of the most dangerous creatures alive.

Male Anglers are rather ‘overly expressive’

The male angler fish does not need to resort to any such practices. Though, like all other creature, it does feel the urge to mate. That has led the male to become a parasitic mate. This is how it goes: as soon as a male angler fish comes across a female counterpart, he sinks those sharp teeth into her body. He continually fuses with her skin and connects to the bloodstream.

The lengths Male Anglers would go to Mate

The male angler fish is so emphatic in this deed that it leads to the loss of his eyes and all internal organs but he is well past the point of being bothered. Afterall, his testes still remain intact for this connection to continue. Six or more males latch onto the poor female’s body at a time. What vicious creatures!

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