Henry The Rescued Tomcat Takes Care of Abandoned Kittens As His Own

Henry is a rescued Tomcat that fancies adopting other abandoned kittens. If you thought, human beings are the only ones that adopt abandoned kittens, think again. This rescued Tomcat shares its basket with a group of little tabby kittens that were found abandoned without their mother anywhere close to them.

Rescued Tomcat grooms a litter of abandoned kittens.

The rescued Tomcat takes the responsibility of caring for and washing the kittens. At times it is hard to tell that they are not his own. Volunteers at Ketchikan Humane Society found the litter dumped in a box on the highway when they were hardly a couple of weeks old.

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They were sure that caring for such little tabbys would be a tough nut to crack but Henry the rescued Tomcat made this easier for them.

Abandoned kittens are cared for by rescued Tomcat.

Heather Muench from Ketchikan Humane Society explained that it was a round the clock job which comprised bottle feeding as well as cleaning. However, she was taken aback when she found the rescued Tomcat lending a helping hand. Muench herself adopted Henry when he was only a kitten about eight months back. She explained that the rescued Tomcat certainly knows what it’s like to be abandoned.

Henry the rescued Tomcat takes care of abandoned kittens as his own.

According to Muench, Henry has a neurological disorder which makes him stutter when he stands. However, it certainly doesn’t affect his paternal instincts. The Humane Society decided to call him Mama Henry when they saw him grooming the kittens.

They admit that they’ve never seen such a devoted male cat. Muench explains that he spends hours upon hours licking the kittens to make sure they are clean. In addition, he wanders about and impatiently meows when they are taken to the vet.

This extensive care by Henry the rescued Tomcat increases the chances of these abandoned kittens becoming well-adjusted cats in the future. Once they reach that stage, the Humane Society would put them up for adoption. One can only imagine Henry the rescued Tomcat would be hoping the new owners take care of the kittens as well as he has.

Source: Ketchikan Humane Society

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