Adopted Tabby Cat Ends Up Saving Her Own Rescuer

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend but what if you were told that cats can also save a human life? Yes, the same cats that we usually tag as being selfish and solitary. It’s highly unlikely Amy Jung would pay heed to our take on cat behavior after her hands on experience. Allow us to tell you the touching tale of a rescue cat that ended up saving her own rescuer.

Pudding the tabby cat


Amy Jung and her son found Pudding, a white and orange tabby in the shelter and decided to adopt her. Little did Jung know that this adorable creature would become her own guardian angel. During that same night, Jung was struck with a diabetic seizure while she was asleep. Pudding awoke Jung by constantly nudging her which allowed her to call her son for help. Once Pudding noticed that he couldn’t hear her mother, she rushed to the son’s room and violently pounced on him until he opened his eyes and called for help.

Not only Jung but the doctors appreciate that Pudding played a key role in saving Jung’s life. It’s perceived to be Pudding’s way of thanking her for adopting him. His efforts didn’t go unrewarded, though. In light of his lifesaving abilities, Pudding is now supposed to be the registered therapy cat. He is trained to sit at Amy Jung’s feet to monitor her condition. As soon as her blood sugar dips, Pudding begins to meow. If this still doesn’t convince people in favour of pet rescue, God knows what would!

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