YouTuber FamilyJules7x Makes a Living By Playing Video Game Music on Guitar

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a career in something that actually interests them. That especially appears to be the dilemma of those who are into gaming. Spare a thought for YouTuber FamilyJules7x, a guy who makes a living by playing video game music on guitar. For all the gamers out there who yearn to monetize their efforts, Jules could be an inspiration.

FamilyJules7x makes a living by playing video game music on guitar.

When did he decide to choose this career path?

Jules always wished to make a living by playing video game music on guitar. However, he started off as an employee at Subway. When he realized that making sandwiches wasn’t enough to pay his bills, Jules decided to materialize his dream nearly five years ago. Since then, he has been psuhing as much as 60 hours per week. He admits that it was harder work when he had a job but he still loved every bit of it.

Where did he learn to play music?

YouTuber FamilyJules7x resorted to books as well as YouTube for guidance before he began playing video game music on guitar. He studied music in college for a while but his major revolved around the Classical Guitar. He especially learned a great deal from a book called Rock Discipline for Guitar by John Petrucci. In addition, he significantly benefited from Scott’s Bass Lessons as well as tips on Recording Revolution website.

What is his recording setup like?

Jules admits that his recording setup widely evolved over the years. He began with a much ragged Line 6 POD X3 along with an iPhone which was complemented with Mixcraft. At present, he has far more expensive equipment at his disposal in Cubase alongside KRK VXT 8 displays and an Axe FX II XL+.

Jules playing video game music on guitar.

How much does he earn exactly?

While Jules refused to disclose the exact amount that he earns by playing video game music on guitar, he did mention that it is well over any minimum wage job he could find. His reason for not being able to reveal the specifics is his contract with various companies. Generally, it varies on a monthly basis as he earns from various contracts, guitar lessons, commissions, Twitch and YouTube via ad revenue.

Which games does he cover in his music?

Jules likes playing video music on guitar for games that he has personally tried and had an emotional connection with. He believes that it’s vital for the musician to not only respect original work but also make it interesting to work on. So far he has covered music from nearly 500 games that he has played in his lifetime. These range from his favourite, Jet Force Gemini on Nintendo 64 to next-gen games like The Last of Us.

Has he caught the attention of gaming industry?

His active presence on YouTube allowed him to work in the indie gaming industry. Jules has been associated with titles such as Crypt of the NecroDancer. He played a metal rendition of the game’s entire soundtrack. In addition, he played for The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb from the convenience of his bedroom studio. That’s not all; he has even played live at MAGfest and PAX events.

Watch him pay a metal tribute to history of video games starting from Gun Fight (1975) to Dark Souls II (2014). 

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