YouTuber Shows Why GTA V PC Animal Apocalypse Mod With ASDF is one of the Funniest GTA V Mods

YouTuber BedBananas shows how one of the funniest GTA V mods allows players on PC to play as an animal of choice in GTA V. Termed the GTA V Animal Apocalypse Mod with ASDF, this crazy GTA V mod allows players to swap the protagonist with an animal of their choice or even something as inanimate as an automobile.

Note: Viewer’s discretion advised (cat gets shot at and seagull manages to enter and spend some time in a strip club).

Whether it’s a cat attempting to race its way past a bunch of police officers or a seagull struggling on its way into a strip club, this hilarious GTA V mod gives viewers something to cheer about. The fact that you can take on the role of anything from a cat and a rooster to a humpback whale and a car also goes to show the kind of freedom that PC players enjoy with these awesome GTA V mods.


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