YouTuber Shows What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum in a Watermelon

YouTube is full of crazy videos whereby people attempt a stunt expecting one thing but end up with something on a whole different level of crazy. YouTuber TheBackyardScientist decided to demonstrate what it’s like to pour molten aluminum in a watermelon. He seemed to have no clue what the outcome would be other than the watermelon shredding to pieces with a big explosion but he certainly got a different result.

On a hot day in Florida, the YouTuber punched a hole in a watermelon and melted some aluminum in a propane-powered furnace. As he poured the molten aluminum in a watermelon, the water began to fling out upon impact settling ablaze the grass around the watermelon. Once the deed was done, TheBackyardScientist decided to cut the water melon open only to discover a new being in the stinking fruit.

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