Virtual Reality Theme Park ‘The Void’ Allows You To Live Games

Why play a game when you can live it? In the modern day when the prospects of indoor entertainment are so plentiful, we tend to miss out on vital experiences outside of our homes. The Void is a new virtual reality theme park in Utah that is aimed at the adventurer and the gamer in you. Perceived as the future of VR entertainment, this virtual reality theme park is said to walk you into dimensions that have no limits.

What can you do in The Void?

That’s totally upto you. As mentioned before, the kind of adventure you seek in the virtual reality theme park is limited by your imagination. From conjuring a dark spirit in a deep dungeon to battling a fierce fire-breathing dragon with your allies, the VR technology will allow you to move around and feel the digital world in a much realistic fashion. So, you could find yourself exploring the universe a game like The Last of Us was set in and then struggling your way past the dank dungeons of Skyrim in another instant.

Virtual reality theme park The Void offers state of the art technology.

What is the secret behind this virtual reality theme park?

The custom designed physical stage in the virtual reality theme park is what allows this great amount of interaction with elements in the environment. Players are able to feel changes in elevation, vibrations, heat and cold, simulated liquids and smells, moisture as well as air pressure. In addition, the gaming pods create the illusion that players are exploring many miles of terrain and walking past towering structures while they are still seated in the pod.

Virtual reality theme park allows freedom to players.

Are there wearables involved?

The wearables on offer in the virtual reality theme park include: Rapture Head Mounted Display (HMD), Rapture Vest and Rapture Gloves. The HMD at The Void is claimed to superior to VR devices that are due for release later this year. It features quantun dots that create the illusion of doubling colour range and perceived resolution. The dual high-density Curved OLED sports a resolution of 1080p. There are super-gain inline microphones for in-game communication and head tracking sensors sporting 120Hz.

Virtual reality theme park offers a great level of immersion with its technology.

The vest on offer at virtual reality theme park is lightweight and adjustable which makes the experience comfortable and enjoyable for the player. Four kinds of haptic feedback in the vest allow players to feel impact on multiple zones. Each time the player gets hit by a bullet, a creature or any other element in the environment, the player is able to tell what caused it from the distinct feeling upon impact.

The gloves also offer a great level of immersion in the virtual reality theme park as they allow players to reach out and interact with elements in the environment. From pushing a button to call the elevator to picking up a sword and swinging it, the level of immersion on offer is quite fascinating. All in all, it will feel like you have lots to discover and explore in this limitless adventure whether it’s a single player campaign or a multiplayer battle.

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