These Famous Hand Drawn Logos Are Nearly Pixel-Perfect

It’s fair to say that hand drawn calligraphy and lettering is a bit of a lost art in the modern day. There was a time when artists took pride in drawing by hand and teaching the art. Infact, drawing letters in various styles such as sans-serif and serif was deemed necessary before access to digital fonts and foundry stencils was granted. British designer, Seb Lester has gone one step ahead and produced nearly pixel-perfect hand drawn logos.

It’s clear as day that hand drawn logos are not an easy task to accomplish. Lester seems to be quite adept at the art and pays great attention to detail. What is even more interesting is how quickly he manages some of the more complex hand drawn logos with merely a few strokes of that calligraphy pen. You can follow even more of Lester’s hand drawn logos here.

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