How to Get Rid of Hackers in GTA V?

Let’s be honest, GTA V has proven its worth as a great party game to play with friends only to fool around and cause havoc. Despite the recekless nature of the game, hackers in GTA V can totally ruin the experience at times with those GTA cheats they employ. One obviously wonders if there is any way around it at all with hackers plaguing the game. You found yourself in the right spot; this video shows you just how to deal with hackers in GTA V.

The most annoying hackers in GTA V are those using God Mode which allows such players to remain invincible. However, you can still throw explosives at them and push them around with your vehicle. As soon as you have those party poopers out in the open, keep running them over with your car in order to give them a taste of their own medicine. Eventually, they will get annoyed by the fact that someone ruined their hacking ploy and leave disappointed.

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