First YouTube Video That Was Uploaded Ten Years Ago Features YouTube Cofounder

YouTube has been quite the happening spot as the website turns ten years of age. Exactly ten years ago, the first YouTube video titled ‘Me at the zoo’ was uploaded by YouTube Cofounder Jawed Karim at 8.27pm. Interestingly, the first YouTube video doesn’t quite compare to the crazy and viral clips that often surface on the website these days. Yet, it now has more than 19 million views and nearly 226,000 likes and nearly 12,000 dislikes because haters need to hate. 

Instead, it is merely an 18-second video that features Karim at San Diego Zoo giving a rather innocent insight into the ‘cool thing’ about elephants: they have really long trunks. What’s even more surprising is that the first comment on the first YouTube was civil, mentioning the first YouTube video was ‘interesting’. That’s an anomaly these days on YouTube and social media in general, is it not?


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