European Eagle Owl That Likes to Use the Heads of Townspeople as its Perch

Say hello to the European eagle owl that fancies using the heads of the townspeople as its perch. Apparently, the European eagle owl is based in Noordeinde, a small town situated in northwestern province of South Holland in the Netherlands. The bird seems to be in a habit of picking a random person in the neighborhood only to fly over and taking a rest.

Weighing 6lbs, the European eagle owl only spends a minute on its ‘perch’ before it goes flying off looking to mount another. Photographer Menno Shaefer derived great pleasure from taking pictures of the action but was clueless as to why the European eagle owl would do this. Fortunately, the lady in the video wears a hood or she might have felt the stings and some scratches to show after this encounter with the adorable European eagle owl.


European eagle owl uses people's heads as its perch.


Some people believe that the bird exhibits some foot stamping behaviour which could be an attempt to maintain equilibrium. However, others believe that a European eagle owl demonstrating such behaviour could be an expression of mating behaviour. For all we know and as someone sugested, this European eagle owl could be sowing wild oats in people’s hair. It’s possible that the owl was raised as a pet but somehow turned back into the wild since it doesn’t seem to be causing anyone harm.


European eagle owl likes to use people's heads as its perch.


European eagle owl sits atop people's heads.


European eagle owl lands on people's heads.



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