Bet You Didn’t Know This About New Year- Weird and Funny

weird new year fact

Happy New Year everyone! We have heard of strange traditions and there are lots of weird and funny traditions from all over the world. Here’s one of them.

The Germans have a tradition; a tradition that involves watching a show. No, no, it is not porn! In fact, the people of Germany celebrate New Year’s Eve by watching the same British show every year. Yes! Same show, same lines, same characters year after year since 1972. Discussing the show “Dinner for One” a Media Guardian article says,

“It usually has the highest rating of any programme shown during the year,” said Jürgen Meier-Beer, NDR’s head of light entertainment. “We have an average market share in our area of 8%. Dinner for One gets us up to 20% to 30% every time. We reckon that one in every two viewers in our area will watch it at some point on New Year’s Eve.”

Watch and see if you share in the German’s love for the British show, “Dinner for One”

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