Top Ten Playstation 3 Games of 2010

Similar to our take on games on the iPad edition, we bring you a breakdown of 10 best PS3 games of the year 2010. As the New Year draws and you say good bye to 2010, here is our countdown on the 10 best nominees that we are privileged to present to you.

10. FIFA 2011

Let’s be honest-Soccer games are fun and considering the fact that they keep getting better and better, FIFA 2011 was no exception. FIFA 2011 not only offered a much more polished and improved experience to the game, but it also brought in sheer class to this game following the steps of its predecessor. Speaking of improved experience, two grand innovations that made an impact this time round were Personality+ system and 360-degree jostling. Much more realistic moves and tackles do this game a world of good, both graphics-wise as well as from a gameplay perspective. Choose from over a million officially licensed leagues and prove yourself a Pro by winning matches in the career mode. When you are done, show off your skills by sharing your statistics online and challenge the best in the business.

ps3 game fifa

9. Grand Turismo 5

5 years is a long long looong waiting time for a video game and chances are that such a game which was once a highly anticipated one goes down the drain after such a delayed release. Yet, Gran Turismo holds itself together very well. The game starts off from where it left gamers on the Playstation 2 platform. With over thousands of cars and racing tracks to choose from, Gran Turismo proves its worth as a huge racing simulator and answers its critics in the best feasible manner. The game brings mechanical and external damage modeling to the scene for the first time. Create your own tracks or take out your favorite car out for a test drive. With numerous options to choose from, this racing simulator is definitely going to be the only one of its kind.

8. Just Cause 2

If you thought Just Cause was a bit too buggy for your liking, let Just Cause 2 serve you-and serve you well. Many a people would not have expected such an immaculate comeback from developers but they turned the tables around this time and Square Enix productions managed to produce a gem. An open world game with lots to offer, Just Cause 2 is a game that lets you hop, skip, jump, fly, shoot and engage in much more stuff that you could not even imagine doing in the last sequel. Put yourself in the shoes of the all charismatic ‘Rico’ and conquer the world as this heart pumping action unravels.

ps3 game just cause 2

7. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Criterion games amps up the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for the next generation consoles and oh boy hasn’t it pulled off a skimmer this time! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit opens a world of combat racing before you and produces a slick and smooth driving experience that surely turns into a crazy mindless driving session in no time. Play as a cop and hunt down the loafer urban racers that dream of ruling the Seacrest City or jump into a racers car and watch the cops tail you. Unlock vehicles by making in roads into the game and customize your cars to the fullest as you take them out for a nice ride. Graphics and gameplay are strong points that back all the new interesting options added to this gem of a racing thriller. If you fancied Burnout Paradise and aim to look for a similar experience, coupled with a bit of Need for Speed déjà vu, you can not go wrong with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

PS3 game NFS

6. Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising might have been a direct inheritance of concept from Dawn of the Dead but the game took the thrill and action adventure levels higher than a horror classic could ever expect. Dead Rising 2 pitches in with a unique new story that leaves its players asking for more. Innovative new game modes, traditional firearms and a whole lot of hack and slash techniques take this game to a higher level. A fresh new experience, Dead Rising 2, allows you to go crazy in Fortune City and kill zombies in droves with mundane items scattered all over the place. All in all, Dead Rising 2 is filled with fun and excitement and an exciting online game mode buys gamers a few extra hours.

5. Heavy Rain

Anyone who remembers Indigo Prophecy ‘Fahrenheit’ released in year 2005 would know that Quantic Dreams is a group of developers that comes up with the most innovative and astounding ideas that seem to turn things around in one go. Not many people would have had a chance to get their hands on Fahrenheit but certainly, the whole idea made complete sense and a concept of introducing a fully interactive game meant that there was muh more to be expected from Quantic Dreams in years to come. Although the process took around 5 years, but Quantic Dreams got the moves right by releasing this master piece known as Heavy Rain. Similar to Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain comes along as a very versatile and fully interactive game with lots to offer. An interest arousing story remains the main feature of the game and smooth crisp visuals make the whole package look like a very controlled and complete effort. Indeed, Heavy Rain is one title that you should definitely not miss.

PS3 game heavy rain

4. God of War 3

Prepare for another voyage to the God of War world where hack and slash are your best companions and all the rest is utter rubbish. Take the role of Kratos in a highly enjoyable first/third person combat and prepare for some mindless button mashing session. Hot on the heels of its predecessor, God of War 3 delivers a massive experience with its wide range of weapons, mind blowing locations backed by highly stimulating visuals and top notch sound effects. Of course, there is a strong storyline to justify all these; in fact, it plays a key part in God of War 3’s success. All of this, in turn, provides the game with an amazing sense of scale and a completely unique feel from the other two games. Mount on top of a titan boss and enjoy the scenes from up there as you cut him down into pieces. A must buy if you value Prince of Persia-like games.

3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2 made a grand appearance on the gaming scene following the success of its former sequel. Those who have played the first game would know how valuable this piece is, but for those who haven’t, this is the best time to get their hands on this great game. People wanted more of a challenge and a better balance between platforming, shooting and puzzles. Naughty Dog listened to all fans and set out to improve the original in all departments. Stunning graphics and a fluid gameplay make for a perfect blend of exhilaration and excitement as players gear up to vanquish a brand new world. Moreover, the multiplayer experience is a boon, to say the least. Immaculate voice acting and exceptional sound effect make this game worth playing. Be at your best and take down each and every enemy in your pursuit to find the lost treasure of Marco Polo.

2. Call of Duty Black Ops

The Call of Duty series has already sold over a million copies of the game and this edition of the series adds plenty more to the sales revenue. Arguably, Black Ops provides the best storyline ever witnessed in the Call of Duty games till date and slightly expands and modifies what Modern Warfare 2 may have missed. The game offers a massive multiplayer mode and a glitch-free experience that puts a big smile on the faces of Call of Duty fans for sure. A wide variety of game modes to make your choice from, an array of weapons and some of the most stunning visuals witnessed in video games which hold the balance of the game very well count as some of the striking features of this monstrous game. Revised camera angles and Call of Duty points system builds up the stash for Call of Duty and adds a nice sheen to the surroundings. If you are a first-person shooter fan, make sure Call f Duty Black Ops is you next buy the next time you go shopping.

1. Red Dead Redemption

Rockstars has done it again! If you thought GTA was their only name of the game, think again because Rockstars have come up with a beauty, and it is called Red Dead Redemption. An unrivaled open world western style game, Red Dead Redemption has hit the charts with a bang. Gone are the days when GTA game were the only resorts of gamers who drooled over open world games: now Red Dead Redemption is the real deal. Where an awesome storyline comes into the game as a defining point, the mind blowing visuals and superb graphics make this game a lot more than just a GTA sibling. Just riding through town you’re sure to be challenged to a duel or ten, and if you’re feeling particularly kind or cocky you can go ahead and shoot the gun out of your antagonist’s hand. The game feels a lot real as the mysteries that unfold resemble scenes from a TV drama. Gorgeous cut scenes and heart-pumping in-game action infuses life into this slobber knocker game. The story does not finish here; a fun-filled multiplayer provides a completely new dimension of play and injects hours and hours of play into this already refined piece of game. That is just exactly why Red Dead Redemption deserves to make it to our number 1 spot. We suggest you to get this piece of art now!

PS3 game red dead redemption

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