Things We Would Like To See In GTA 6

When it comes to causing havoc and absolute chaos in video games, Grand Theft Auto series is leaps and bounds above the rest. The most recent entry in the GTA game series, GTA V, easily exceeded expectations and bagged seven Guinness World Records. While the latest installment in the GTA universe amped up the violence factor, it also got as close to realism as a GTA game has gotten so far. Considering the success of GTA 5, here are some things most people would like to see in GTA 6.

GTA 6 virtual reality

Virtual reality

With the growing popularity of VR, there is no reason why GTA 6 should not have VR support. Developer Rockstar Games already added first-person view to GTA 5 which added a whole new perspective to the game. Once VR is incorporated in the mix, it would surely make the franchise a lot more immersive and introduce a whole new way to play.

GTA 6 gore

Gorier kills

Since the development of GTA 4, Rockstar Games have continued to use NaturalMotion Euphoria that was utilized right till the development of GTA 5. It’s true that the character models seem pleasantly realistic in their expressions and interaction, but with GTA 6 the devs could do more than just flinging a body across the screen when they get hit by a grenade. For a game that prides itself on the destruction and madness, it would make sense if the bodies could be seen splitting up and giblets popping out.

GTA 6 characters

Customizable avatar

It is understandable that developers focus on a certain look for the protagonist. However, it would be advisable if they could let gamers create their own character with GTA 6. Take the example of the Sims game series where players can tweak the emotional parameters of their customized character, be it flirtatious, depressed or optimistic. A character that players can create on their own is more likely they can relate to, so the devs could atleast offer the option upon game completion.

GTA 6 cars

Vehicle variation

For a game series that is so crazy and over-the-top such as GTA, it would not hurt to have all sorts of variations in vehicles. These vehicles could range from a luxurious Formula 1 racer to a Rickshaw in GTA 6. If you haven’t driven a rickshaw in a game, perhaps you should give Far Cry 4 a go to see how these beauties work. Besides, when was the last time a game allowed you to drive a train? If there’s one thing we know, Rockstar Games can make anything happen with the GTA game series.

GTA 6 female protagonist

Female protagonist

There is so much content in this regard that Rockstar Games could toy with when developing GTA 6. It is no secret that most games have the men in focus, but that is no reason not to innovate. Afterall, a female protagonist can be just as flawed and maniacal as any other character in the GTA series. They could experiment with the introduction of a single mother forced to engage in drug deals or a white trailer trash fresh out of prison or even a once well-off Asian girl who gambled all her money and ended up on streets. Perhaps, it is time to do away with the whole black criminal/flawed white trash plots.

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2 Responses

  1. Dingus says:

    I disagree on more gore and customisable characters. Gta is about the story that the developer is telling with these characters being able to change too much of them means they need to make the story more vague.

    As for gore it should keep to ragdolling. Its entertaining as it is. With more gore it would feel lack luster in some things. Trying to get your body to be flung for miles is one of the fun things to do.

  2. Hassan says:

    Agreed with the bit about gore and ragdolling.

    To each their own, I guess. Though, I now feel that GTA plays best when it is over-the-top in its approach as you mentioned. That’s why ragdolling trumps giblets flying all over the place any day.

    I do believe that they could allow character customization AFTER a player beats the game, as the article suggested.

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