Review: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

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Presentation: 8.5

Graphics: 8.5

Gameplay: 9

Sound: 9

Overall: 8.7


Be the Hunter or the Hunted

There is certainly a buzz around the gaming world regarding racing genres, and with the announcements of games from the Need for Speed and Grand Turismo franchises, gamers were once again put into their drivingseats to fasten their seat belts for a nice bumpy ride. With Need For Speed Hot Pursuit released, fans have found their new go-to game for sure.

That is right. Need for Speed is back with a bang and this time around, gamers are allowed to relive and rather rediscover the former ‘Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit’ in all new different ways. Get ready for another ‘Cat and Mouse’ chase between shunting naughty racers and the cops where you choose to be the pursuer or the pursued.

Set in Seacrest country, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit offers a good burnout style fun where you may enjoy full freedom to crash and thrash in to your rivals(wham, bam and thank you ma’am sorta stuff) and enjoy every bit of the beating. The game basically offers a story where the country’s police department decides to invest their bucks on some of the world’s super fast cars in order to take down those speed demons who planned on ruling the streets of Seacrest country and riding their luck. Pretty cool eh?

What really beefs it up is the fact that the game allows you to witness both sides of law, so feel free to be the law or break it. Yes, either stamp your authority, join the Seacrest Country Police Department (SCPD) and tail the ones who want to put you out of commision or enjoy crazy criminal street racing with the cops chasing you all around the country. The game actually does this very well and the sort of distinguished feeling it wants you to experience being on either side does seem to take full effect ; hence, delivering a breath taking driving experience. Additionally, you enjoy full freedom to switch between a cop and a criminal at anytime so either rise among the ranks of police members by capturing suspects or ride your luck in the criminal underworld. Either way, satisfaction and demolition are guaranteed.

This time the cops have something to show off

The game is kept fresh and alive with the amount of rewards one gets in response to the milestones reached in every race. You get full value for your achievements and as the game progresses and you win more races and time trials, you not only earn yourself good bounty points but also unlock new cars and tracks to add to your collection.

It is quite appreciable the way the game features weapons more than just cars and vehicles; in fact, cars are now equipped with spikes and EMPs. That sure does invite gamers into anticipating some badass racing and turning their cars into a demolition machine. That is not it though. Being the police, gamers can call for helicopter back up at anytime and also call in road blocks to try and take down the law breakers. EMPs are set to disable the car, temporarily and the road blocks line up police cars on streets which are tough to avoid(remember Need for Speed Most Wanted?). The helicopters drop spikes and do their part also to make the criminal stand his ground.

If you think that the racers would be left bemused and isolated amidst all these full-proof police preparations, think again. The racers are also equipped with turbo boosts, spikes and jammers which delay the cops’s hunt. Jammers allow racers to put out the police computers and gadgets which help racers get away. Fair share, you might think.

As for graphics, the game does present a wide variety of fully licensed and detailed looking car beauties but the premise, the Seacrest country, somewhat lacks the charm compared to a game like Burnout Paradise, let us say. The dull and lengthy tracks put you off at times and one does start to miss the interaction and variation offered in the former titles.

Customise your car to the fullest and take it out for a swing

You may take out your car for a leisurely ride around the country and also make full use of the shortcuts available on tracks. Driving is a pleasant feature involved in the game and the handling is immaculately well done. The game also offers a wide variety of race modes prior to this so as to make your driving experience a whole lot better. However, receiving a race update while patrolling streets might not be anoption available to you anymore as races are accessed directly via the mini map. This is a definite loss and certainly an avid aspect of the game series taken away from this title. Moreover, the mini map seems way too small at times for road assistance. This, in turn, makes it difficult at times to spot bends in the road and the much required shortcuts in the midst of a race.

Ever so long and wide tracks might well make police chases a pain in the head. And not to mention the constant annoyance due to the siren accompanying your police car. Those with epileptic seizures might also want to avoid car chases as the flashing lights would surely give you a fit.

While the single player might start to feel dull and dank after a few hours of play, the online multiplayer surely adds life to this game. With plenty of feats to achieve in the single player mode, the online multiplayer mode remains a distinct feature of the game;thus, adding fun to the flair. Race objectives remain same while each team decides which side to be on; the cops or the criminals. It is pretty fun to be honest and really does make the game a whole lot better experience to get your hands on. The Autolog system is a good addition to the game which allows you to challenge friends and invite them to beat your personal records. This social network also helps you share pictures and jump in to missions and replay them.

Henceforth, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has its pros and cons like any other game. The premise might lack its charm and appeal but the all-exciting and thrilling racing experience coupled with spectacular car designs and an impressive online multiplayer mode would keep you around for quite some time. It sure is a pity that the game experience does not maintain the same throughout; although, Hot Pursuit remains a positive step towards combat racing games of the modern day and with a bit more polishing, this would lift next-generation race gaming to another level.

Pursuer vs. the Pursued: What will you be?

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