Redditor decides to try World of Warcraft after son passes. Many, many players, including a Blizzard employee offer their assistance

Who says one can be too old for gaming? A father in his late 50s decided to connect with his late son’s life by playing his favourite game, World of Warcraft (WOW). Contrary to popular belief, the man is totally glued to the game after having invested a few hours in the game. He has now gained the support of many players and even a Blizzard (WOW developers) employee.

Redditor Senna1982 shared his story on Reddit, explaining how he meant to remember his son who passed away after he was hit by a mortar in Iraq. He expressed his surprise at how overwhelming the game proved to be and that he realized why his late son found it so intriguing.

The Redditor was upfront and honest about not being good at the game despite expressing his desire to continue playing. He mentioned how he looked up tutorials on Google to try and get better at the game but didn’t have a clue where to begin.

What followed was a plethora of responses from Redditors, extending their condolences and showing their willingness to assist him in the game. If the thousands of helpful responses from Redditors were not enough, an employee from Blizzard also pooled in to extend his condolences, appreciate the father’s efforts and also help him with understanding the game with a number of links.

Such love and support from people in the game as well as in real life has given the man the confidence to finally reveal details of his character: Alliance destruction warlock on muradin currently lvl 35. Perhaps, this properly marks his entry in the gaming community.

Read the full thread here if you like and support Senna1982 as best as you can.

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