Reasons Why People Hate Electronic Arts (EA) With A Vengeance

Do you happen to be one of the many people who despise Electronic Arts (EA)? It is possible that you would get a different answer from all those that EA has managed to upset. Let us present to you the top reasons why gamers hate EA with a vengeance.

Companies killed by EA

Purchasing small companies only to ruin the new IP

It is not uncommon for EA to take smaller, promising gaming companies into its fold. Most of these startups are those that have managed to achieve the milestone of building a fan base by developing a promising game. EA then feels the need to appeal to the wider audience in its own special way and makes changes to the formula. While that adulterates a promising game, EA persistently sits on the IP in order to keep others from taking over before eventually closing it. No wonder the studio has gained infamy for stifling creativity, destroying smaller companies and making money in the process.

EA messed up Mass Effect 3

Messing up games with a significant fan base

Day in and day out, we come across game studios that seem to take great pleasure in messing up game series with a strong fan base. Take Assassin’s Creed series which only went downhill from the predecessors to Assassin’s Creed: Unity that was riddled with some horrendous glitches. EA is not too far behind in this regard as it has gotten heat for some terrible mistakes. This includes such things as SimCity being unplayable at launch and the inexplicable Mass Effect 3 ending. Errors such as these clearly do not sit well especially in case of such games with a strong fan base.

EA messed up SimCity with DRM

Battling game piracy in preposterous ways

EA is especially infamous for curbing game piracy in the most inappropriate ways possible. To begin with, there is the restriction of registering online passes with a single system only, which keeps gamers from lending the game to a friend or even selling it after beating the game. That’s not all; the security lock on the disc locks you out of the game if you try to install it on more than one machine. Spare a thought for the ‘always online‘ requirement slapped on SimCity. The fact that the server for the game could not even bear the burden of so many players, rendering the game unplayable was both, funny and exasperating.

FIFA bugs by EA

Milking the cash cows like none other

EA seems to revel in the practice of milking its successful sports titles. To be precise, the studio releases an installment of NHL and FIFA each year while offering merely a few cosmetic changes. For instance, with the NHL 15, the only noticeable change that was made was the jerseys flapping a bit more. Take that for change. Needless to say, NHL series has hardly been innovative since NHL 2008 was released. The absence and dumbing down of some handy features with new installments only adds salt to the wound. FIFA seems to fare better in this regard mainly due to the competition it faces from PES. However, the gameplay issues with sub-par AI does not earn EA anyone’s respect.

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