Most Relaxing Games That Can Help You Fight Stress

How one defines a relaxing game varies from one gamer to another. For some players, relaxing games could imply games without a hint of violence. Others could consider relaxing games as those that involve shooting and causing absolute chaos. Whatever your source of intoxication may be, here are some of the best relaxing games that you must try.

Journey - relaxing games


Imagine a game that involved no talking, from you or from any other NPCs. Instead, the plot was driven by the serene images on screen and the most soothing game music you may have ever heard to complement them. The platform puzzle features a character that does not die at any point, but the combination of graphics, music and wordless story keeps gamers invested till the very end. To be fair, Journey is the name of an experience that deserves to be had regardless of your definition of relaxing games.

Flower - relaxing games


If you think of relaxing games as those that can be played by merely half-engaging the brain, Flower is also one that is heavy on the ‘experience’ factor. The game puts gamers in charge of wind that swishes across picturesque landscape while gathering petals in the process. The calming soundtrack quite fittingly accompanies the scenery as gamers travel the landscapes from the wind’s perspective. That’s all there is to the game, folks. No need to struggle with fighting any game bosses or any inexplicable puzzles to solve.

Leo's Fotune - relaxing games

Leo’s Fortune

This is another puzzle platformer that deserves a mention in the list of relaxing games. The fact that an adorable mustached fuzzball features as a protagonist is endearing in itself. Fans of games such as Limbo would feel right at home as they play this. Featuring excellent graphics along with highly engaging puzzles, Leo’s Fortune offers an opportunity for you to kick back, relax and solve some puzzles in the process.

Burnout Paradise - relaxing games

Burnout Paradise

Tired of the exam stress, or having an off day at work? Imagine the idea of ramming into cars with sheer contempt at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. Ofcourse, you wouldn’t want to do that in real life. Though, who’s to stop you from venting that frustration with some massive car crashes in a video game? If cars are your thing and it’s stress that’s weighing you down, look no further than this arcade racing classic game.

Just Cause - relaxing games

Just Cause

If you really define relaxing games as those that allow you to crush, kill and destroy, the entire Just Cause series is meant for you. Games such as Just Cause 2 and 3 can be absolutely fun as you wreak havoc across a sizable map. Feel free to take control of different sorts of vehicles, engage in hand-to-hand combat, perform breathtaking stunts, parasailing, sky diving and blow up entire bridges in the open-world third person shooter. It’s a whole new way to relax, folks.

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