Limbo, now set to make a mark on the PC and the PlayStation 3

Yep, no surprises about that one. Limbo, the puzzle-platform video game which was originally released for the Xbox 360 on July 21, 2010, has now been announced for PC as well as the PlayStation 3. It is important to note that the game was initially released on the Xbox Live Arcade and soon after, was re-released in April this year as part of a retail game pack that also included Trials HD and Splosion Man. Developed by Playdead, Limbo has been confirmed to be ported to both, PlayStation 3 as well as the PC. Similar to how it was introduced to Xbox Live Marketplace, the 2-D side scroller will now find its home on the PlayStation Network and Steam.

As per a tweet by the PlayStation twitter account the release is planned for July this year, although, more details are expected announced in the next week. In regards to the unexpected discovery of listings for PS3 and PC versions that showed up on the Korean game rating board last year, this is what Playdead had to say, “You won’t see a PS3 or PC version this time around, sorry.” Speaking with Joystiq this week, CEO Dino Patti said, “This might be the second time around we have been waiting for.”

In addition, Limbo fans must not forget that Playdead have been working on a new IP besides porting the black-and-white 2-D sidescroller to two new platforms. With that said, fasten your seatbelts as Limbo resumes his bumpy-cum-moody journey on the PC and PlayStation 3.

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