Important Life Lessons That Video Games Teach Us

Video games are just as good a source of learning as they are of entertainment. They offer so much for us to learn in so many different ways that there are times when we fail to fully appreciate the value on offer. That’s my little sob story over. Here’s a look at some important life lessons that video games teach us.

Don’t ever give up, try again

How often do we see that ‘Game Over’ message pop up as we get struck down by our enemies? It’s plenty of times, in my case. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s literally game over for you. It’s a chance to pick yourself up, press that Start button and have another go. Our gaming lives are somewhat similar to our actual lives. There will be off days, poorly-timed moves, missed chances along the way but we must go on.

Game over - video games

Video games actually teach you that it’s alright to fail (unless you desperately need that ‘no deaths’ trophy ofcourse). Afterall, failure only sets you up for success since you are able to identify what pitfalls you could avoid in the next try. Instead of letting it overpower you, let the failure make you stronger, smarter and quicker on your feet. Only then can you get yourself in a position where you can carefully dodge those one-hit kills and deliver timely attacks to take that beast down for the count.

Playing with friends turns things around

Online multiplayer is an aspect of our video games that is hard to resist (unless your internet connection is as horrendous as my old dial-up connection). Though, regardless of the multiplayer being online or offline, playing together offers a much different experience altogether. Whether you play with or against another person, the difference in approach to the game changes the whole deal.

Journey - video games

You will make the best of friends and the worst of enemies at times. There will be times when you get into fights with allies for not being able to revive you when you are down or even make friends out of your worst foes for helping you through a tough situation. It might not be obvious but people tend to reflect their nature as they play video games which offers some perspective on their line of thinking. It may well help you develop a social edge which not many are able to comprehend as well.

Endure and survive..and be resourceful

With many different video games, there is no clear path to the finish line, as is the case with real life. Getting to the end requires being mindful of the resources you can work with to ensure you have enough to get there. How different is life then? It requires you to think what resources you have at your disposal and how you can utilize them to achieve what you’ve set your sights on.

The last of us - video games

Ofcourse, with the more recent addition of trophy and rewards systems in games players toil hard to best each other in how they can beat the game quicker and with more efficient use of resources. In the main, it makes players think how they can turn a game they have played multiple times in a fresh, new experience. Similarly, in a world marked by growing competition you often think how you can utilize your skills and resources to get ahead of the competition to gain more rewards. This doesn’t only make our video games more fun but also much more rewarding.

Be creative in your approach

Our video game libraries range from the old to the modern, traditional to non-traditional and from the excruciatingly stealthy to downright crazy titles. Though, the video games that merit great attention are those that do not shy of innovating. When you employ creativity in your approach, the outcome is not only fun but also more rewarding. Thus, you are able to enjoy an experience that you would otherwise be able to experience.

MGS - video games

There is no doubt that video games have the ability to motivate and inspire players. From taking a stealthy approach in a situation to sneak past a security guard to causing absolute havoc without any regard for consequences, video games offer a chance to separate oneself from the rest just like real life. Think of it as an escape route for people who do not consider simplicity as an option.

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