How to download PlayStation 4 games via PC at blazing fast speeds?

Nothing irks gamers more than having to wait; be it for a favourite game to release or those annoyingly big digital games to download. The recent attacks on PlayStation Network by Lizard Squad have only further jolted download speeds on PlayStation consoles. The situation is worse in countries that experience electricity loadshedding (power outage every 2 to 3 hours).

As a result, it’s so much more convenient to have your games download on your PC and later transfer them to the PlayStation 4. Oh yes, it’s true. The following tutorial will allow you to achieve just that and save you the time and effort.

What you need

PlayStation 4 console

PC (preferably a laptop)

PSX software (download it here)

Download manager of your choice (download Internet Download Manager here)

Step 1: Start the PSX software

The IP address bar displays your computer’s IP which you must note down with you, and press the ‘Play’ button.

PSX software

Step 2: Switching to English language

Head over to the fifth tab on top and choose English from the drop down menu. As prompted, you will need to restart the application so that it takes effect.

PSX English

Step 3: Choose the content of your choice

Access the store on your PS4 and download ANYTHING (game/movie/music) that you have access to (in other words, you must have purchased it or it should have been offered to you for free as a PS Plus member).

Step 4: Pause the download

Head back to the dashboard, then Notifications and select Downloads. Pause the download in progress.

Step 5: Establish the network connection

Back again in the PS4 dashboard, go to Settings, then Network and Setup a New Connection.

Select ‘LAN’ (make sure the PS4 uses the same internet connection as your computer), then ‘Custom’, ‘Automatic’ under IP settings, ‘Do Not Specify’ under DHCP name followed by ‘Automatic’ for DNS as well as MTU settings.

This is the key part of this entire exercise. Once you see the Proxy server, choose to Use Proxy server. Remember the IP address you needed to remember from the PSX software in Step 1? Insert it in this field and choose Test Connection upon finishing the setup.

Step 6: Capture the link from the PS4

On your PS4, resume the download and keep an eye out for the link that appears on the PSX software on your PC. This should not take more than 5 seconds upon resuming download. Pause the download on your PS4 once more and turn to your PC.

PSX link

Step 7: Copy and download using the download manager

Copy the link you just captured in the field and add this URL in the download manager (Internet Download Manager) to begin downloading.

BEFORE you continue: The big file size dilemma

The process can get a bit tricky with content with file size more than 4096MB. Frankly, that’s essentially the kind of content we need this method for, right? Well, you’d be glad to know it’s still very much doable. Allow me to demonstrate this with Infamous: First Light as an example

Begin downloading the game from PlayStation store on your PS4. You would be able to capture the link in the PSX software window the same way as before.

PSX Infamous

Appreciate that the size of the game is just about 10GB while the maximum size of one file that the PSX software can download is 4096MB. Time for some Math, but trust me, it’s really simple.

It is obvious that the first file would be a full 4096MB given that it’s a 10GB game. The second file also sizes up to a full 4096MB since 4096 plus 4096 adds up to 8192MB; not 10GB. Thus, it’s easy to infer that the third file would be the last one and span lesser than 4096MB (since 8192 plus another 4096 equals 12288MB) as we have no more than about 10 GB to achieve. Thus, we need to download three files in total.

That’s the utterly boring math lecture over. Now focus on that link you have before you in the PSX software window. It should read: 7e95025ad113dd8f/f/EP9000-CUSA00897_00-FIRSTLIGHTSHIP00_0.pkg?downloadId=0000000d&serverIpAddr= ntry=gb&downloadType=ob&q=8ea22ecdb38a381bfc3a1359 1096618334dc847553503f1ab8008697a586bcbe —-

See the part that is highlighted in RED up there? That’s what needs some changing if you want to add in the second and third file to download alongside. All you need to change is the 0.pkg to 1.pkg for the second file and 2.pkg for the third. Here’s how they should look: 7e95025ad113dd8f/f/EP9000-CUSA00897_00-FIRSTLIGHTSHIP00_1.pkg?downloadId=0000000d&serverIpAddr= ntry=gb&downloadType=ob&q=8ea22ecdb38a381bfc3a1359 1096618334dc847553503f1ab8008697a586bcbe—- 7e95025ad113dd8f/f/EP9000-CUSA00897_00-FIRSTLIGHTSHIP00_2.pkg?downloadId=0000000d&serverIpAddr= ntry=gb&downloadType=ob&q=8ea22ecdb38a381bfc3a1359 1096618334dc847553503f1ab8008697a586bcbe—-

Copy all three links and put them to download in the download manager. Once they are downloaded organize them in one folder. Head over to Settings in the PSX software and select Auto Find Replace (click select in case it’s just one file equal to or less than 4096MB) before clicking the folder containing the three files. Select Apply.

Auto Find Replace

The part with the PC is done and it’s time to move to your PS4. Bear in mind that you still need the PC and the PSX software functioning as you do the following:

Step 8: Transfer download to PS4

Resume the download on your PS4 and watch the game download at a speed significantly faster than you’d normally expect the PS4 to achieve.

Infamous First Light

Proof of the considerable download pace.

Quick notes:

While it’s possible to achieve this using a wireless internet connection, you are best advised to use a wired internet connection for best speeds with both, your PC and the PS4.

Downloads can get corrupted if they are interrupted while they are in progress so it is best to use a laptop rather than a desktop.

The tutorial is not my work and comes courtesy of a user named ‘venom’ from Pakgamers forum here.

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