Best of Year 2010 Games

Some of the best games in 2010 brought avid gamers thrilling action, awesome graphics and mind blowing game play. Avid gamer or not, some of these games are a MUST play and if you haven’t had a chance to play them, you should consider not being left behind.

Best Gameplay: Heavy Rain


Playing a game like Heavy Rain feels so immersive and involving that we feel there is absolutely nothing like it out there. And it’s true! Following the footsteps of its previous effort named Indigo Prophecy, Quantic Dreams came up with the idea of Heavy Rain which has definitely paid dividence-oh hell yeah! Whilst Indigo Prophecy was an interesting albeit uneven attempt, it was a vital component in paving the road for Heavy Rain. They’ve ironed out the kinks and managed to come up with a much better game. From its multiple button sketching to shaking and jerking of the controller, Heavy Rain delivers a gaming experience never witnessed before. This, in turn, earns it the bet gameplay medal for this year.

Best Visuals: God of War 3


We can say, without a split tera-second of hesitation, that God of War 3 is a visual spectacle! With artistic and technically proficient graphics, God of War 3 does not let any game hold a candle before it and maintains its monopoly in regards to graphics and visuals so far. Interestingly, the finished product turned out to be even better than the promotional trailers and videos portrayed it. Now that goes to show the massive potential the game holds in terms of visual designs. Regardless of whether it’s an enemy’s neck being torn apart or Kratos taking a ride on top of a Titan boss, this game makes full use of the Playstation 3’s and its own potential to make it climb up to our best visuals award.

Best Action Adventure Game: Uncharted 2


Uncharted 2 made a grand appearance on the gaming scene following the success of its former sequel. Those who have played the first game would know how valuable this piece is, but for those who haven’t, this is the best time to get their hands on this great game. People wanted more of a challenge and a better balance between platforming, shooting and puzzles. Naughty Dog listened to all fans and set out to improve the original in all departments. Stunning graphics and a fluid gameplay make for a perfect blend of exhilaration and excitement as players gear up to vanquish a brand new world. Moreover, the multiplayer experience is a boon, to say the least. Immaculate voice acting and exceptional sound effect make this game worth playing. It all boils down to this-you need to play Uncharted 2.

Best Horror Game: Alan Wake


Alan Wake has managed to strike with some jump-scares and we managed quite a few goose bumps playing this title. With a torch to start on this short yet exciting expedition, Alan Wake infuses a number of frightening elements in the game to make it a long lasting experience. With a flurry of nice dialogues and sometimes a bit of puzzling encounters, Alan Wake proves its worth as an attention seeking horror classic. This is surely not one that you will play and forget, in fact, the great unflawed horror sequence will keep bringing you back to this game in search of more dark than daylight.

Best Free Roam Game: Red Dead Redemption


GTA games found a replacement: Red Dead Redemption. The game offers a strong and substantial storyline that portrays an ex-outlaw who is forced to teach his accomplices a lesson of justice. The story puts players in the shoes of John Marston to ready them so as to live a new life in the wild west. Witness how John builds in stature as he strengthens his relationship with new friends and acquaintances, each having their own unique impact on how the plot motors along. Moreover, Red Dead Redemption allows you to live the ups and downs of a western life and struggle against the harshness of the heating wilderness of the west. If you haven’t played it already, get your hands on this magnificent piece now!

Best Shooting Game: Call of Duty Black Ops


With over a million copies sold in a total of 10 days, Call of Duty Black Ops proved itself as the most sought shooter on the next-generation platforms as well as the PC. The game bears the entire standard of the revolutionary Call of Duty sequel very well and manages to produce a complete gem that delivers an engrossing campaign as well as an amazingly exciting and highly competitive multiplayer experience. The game engine may have remained same following the launch of Modern Warfare 2, but the graphics bring in more detail and make this game truly shine with a wide variety of artillery and options on offer. Bottom line is, you NEED to play this magnificent piece of shooter.

Best Role Playing Game: Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2, without doubt, has what it takes to be a strong and sufficient role playing game. Featuring a rich cast and the presence of a deep and complete storyline, Mass Effect 2 hits all cylinders to make its presence noticeable. Improved team and enemy AI in comparison to the first sequel of the game adds great replay value and variety to this RPG. Moreover, spectacular voice acting intense combat skills are striking points of the game. It is safe to say that RPGs like Mass Effect 2 do not come too often so it is one RPG that really deserves all gamers’ attention and hence, earns our Best Role Playing Game title.

Best Racing Game: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit


When law literally becomes your property and Seacrest City is the venue, it is clear that you are going to hit the streets on the Need for Speed’s latest title. The all-exciting and thrilling racing experience coupled with spectacular car designs and an impressive online multiplayer mode would keep you around for quite some time. Plus, the freedom to function in the capacity of a cop or an urban street racer adds so much to its already vast racing experience. NFS does not let any aspect of the game go dull and bland; in fact, the game amalgamates elements from previous NFS titles and Burnout Paradise to produce a baby racer that tops its parents. Having said that, Hot Pursuit remains a positive step towards combat racing games of the modern day and that buys it our Best Racing Game accolade.

Best Sports Game: FIFA Soccer 2011


FIFA 2011 not only offered a much more polished and improved experience to the game, but it also brought in sheer class to this game following the steps of its predecessor. Speaking of improved experience, two grand innovations that made an impact this time round were Personality+ system and 360-degree jostling. Much more realistic moves and tackles do this game a world of good, both graphics-wise as well as from a gameplay perspective. Choose from over a million officially licensed leagues and prove yourself a Pro by winning matches in the career mode. When you are done, show off your skills by sharing your statistics online and challenge the best in the business.

Best Strategy Game: Civilization V


Civilaztion V does not disappoint by any means and gets a breakthrough into the world of strategy games with a bang. PC gamers can feel proud of themselves, of being on a platform that allows them a pool of some of the finest strategy games. Moreover, a very helpful and potentially promising game in form of Civilization V delivers a smooth and strong co-op multiplayer. AI, policy upgrades, graphics, and realistic war environment-you name it and Civilization tops all charts for a strategy game released this year. Refined controls and a long lasting gameplay for a strategic game earns this game the Best Strategy Game of the Year title.

Best Multiplayer Game: Halo Reach


If there is one multiplayer game that needs all the attention in the world, it is Halo Reach, for sure. Taking the series back to its expansive outdoor roots, Halo Reach is everything you want out of Halo. Talk about player maps, playing modes or even talk about the never ending gadgetry to choose from-Halo just exhibits the level of jamming and stuffing it has received by Bungie. Clearly, the game has lived up to the long-spewed hype and has delivered a fun-filled multiplayer action to quench the thirst of those who waited eagerly for this little master class. If you want to have fun with your friends and like a challenge, Halo Reach might well be the title you are looking for.

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