Benefits of Video Games That Make You Better At Life

Video games have been around for quite some time now. Be it the arcade titles back from the ‘70s or the modern game changers, video games not only offer great entertainment value but they also offer great health benefits. So, next time your folks tell you video gaming is bad for you, quote them these benefits of video games.

Assassins Creed - Benefits of video games

They can gauge your interest in history

There are a number of video games out there that contain authentic historical characters and events which pivot the storyline. The more a person plays games featuring such characters and events, the more the likelihood of a spark for learning more about such cultures and characters. This additional information could be facilitated by such resources as maps and books. Parents have reported that kids who play such games demonstrate more appreciation for history in the long term.

A whole new way to socialize

It is way too easy to tag all gamers as being too isolated which is unfortunately quite common. It is interesting how untrue that is. Ever since online multiplayer gaming rose its head, people have found new ways to not only connect and communicate but also collaborate and solve problems. As people communicate and work within themselves, they learn more about each other in terms of interests and play patterns. Sure, it also lends itself as a platform for hate and abuse but an online platform is only as clean and helpful as the players themselves.

Online multiplayer - Benefits of video games

A great way to reduce stress

A vast group of people stigmatizes video games as being a cause for stress. It is quite the contrary, actually. Studies prove that a wide array of video games result in reduction in adrenaline response by more than fifty percent. Rather than indulging yourself in drinking and overeating to beat that stress, you may as well reach out for the game controller and kick some ass. Considering how well video games do to keep your mind occupied with engaging story and combat, you may not even remember being stressed after you take down a mammoth that may have been striking you down over and over.

Pave way for a career boost

When speaking of benefits of video games, it is worth considering how they encourage the characteristics of leadership. There are decisions to made, often within a limited amount of time and with consequences attached to each of them. How players make those decisions as they challenge their own assumptions and logic actually helps them develop better understanding in how they can tackle various scenarios in real life when they are forced to choose. In addition, this would allow them to quickly adapt in office crisis and make important decisions in a timely manner.

Video game choices - Benefits of video games

Enhanced physical health

We have all heard the phrase ‘don’t sit too close to the TV’ at some point in our lives. While that is correct in its entirety, it is worth stating that video games actually do wonders to your vision. Considering the reading content featured in video games, it promises to enhance people’s reading comprehension. Games that are especially heavy on the combat can greatly improve the hand-eye coordination. This, in turn, paves way for faster reaction time. Next time someone throws a paper ball at you, you might be able to ‘buy’ yourself enough time to fend it off. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important benefits of video games.

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