An AI Bug in Civilization game makes Gandhi a Ruthless Warmonger

If you are a fan of the Civilization game series, you would be aware that the game prides itself on bringing us historical characters. Be it artists, admirals, general or writers, Civilization accommodates all the blast from the past. Though, it’s quite a shame that the latest addition in the series ‘Beyond Earth’ ditches that very idea in favour of fictional sci-fi.


However, for a game that comes off as an accurate presentation of history, Civilization does something extra ordinarily awkward – it portrays Gandhi as the first leader to encourage the use of nuclear weapons. 

Now that’s far from being accurate, right? Don’t worry; it’s not that the game devs are unaware of history but this error is purely attributable to an AI bug that brings out the worst in Gandhi.

Here’s how the system of attributes works in Civilization games: each leader is assigned skills that govern their attitude. One of these is a scale of aggressiveness. Understandably, Gandhi was assigned the lowest aggression rating of 1. 

Trouble is that as soon as a civilization adopts democracy, it grants 2 negative points to opponent’s aggression level. This sent Gandhi’s rating rollicking down to 255. Technically, it should have ended up at -1 if they used INT but the use of char (1byte, 0-255) messed it up.

Civilization Gandhi

This sent an otherwise peaceful Gandhi into a sudden rush of madness that even subsequent versions failed to completely fix. Eventually, devs were able to manage it but they figured that players might well have got attached to the infamous warmonger by then. 

That’s precisely why they maxed out his nuke rating. Now it may be difficult to get a seemingly calm and collective Gandhi riled up. However, expect him to go from nice to nuclear in no time when you manage to piss him off.

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