Why Are Walkers In The Walking Dead Not Called Zombies?

Anyone who has watched the horror TV series by AMC would be aware that walkers in The Walking Dead are never referred to as zombies. They are often called plenty of names including biters, roamers, lurkers, mostly walkers but you would never hear someone call them zombies. Producer Robert Kirkman went on to explain why they decided to not call them zombies, but instead walkers in The Walking Dead TV series.

Walkers in The Walking Dead

The basic concept behind calling them walkers in The Walking Dead is that the universe the show is set in still has no concept of zombies. According to Kirkman, there are no horror movies that those survivors have watched to know that they are supposed to take clean head shots of those walkers in The Walking Dead. By referring to them in a different way; whether it is walkers, lurkers or biters, it brings some sort of originality to the show as well.

Walkers in The Walking Dead are never called zombies.

Walkers in The Walking Dead are just as sluggish as you would usually expect zombies to be. However, the show runners might have made a few moves early in the show that would suggest otherwise such as some walkers charging at the survivors or climbing fences to get to them. Now that walkers share pretty much the same traits, the survivors seem to have learned how to defend themselves better.

Walkers in The Walking Dead aren't zombies.


Robert Kirkman does mention that animals can not become walkers in The Walking Dead. That is convenient, or else the survivors would be forced to become vegetarians. It is certainly interesting that anyone watching the show for the first time would expect characters to simply call them zombies. However, Kirkman seems to have quite an interesting take on the matter given that the world doesn’t seem too different from the one we live in except for everything having gone to the walker hell.

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