Saudi Arabian Black Metal Band ‘Al-Namrood’ Risks Death

Religion and black metal bands do not go hand in hand. The difference between a metal band preaching anti-Christian elements and one that goes against the teachings of Islam is that American parents would just chalk it upto their child going through a phase in life. However, a Saudi Arabian black metal band ‘Al-Namrood’ (the non-believer) runs the risk of facing corporal punishment or even death.

Saudi Arabian black metal band operates in secrecy.

How did it start?

The Saudi Arabian black metal band began in 2008 as a two-man project as Ostron and Mukadars expressed their wish to make an Oriental metal band. Based on Arabian lyrics, the Oriental music soon changed into Black metal once Mephisto joined the team.

Saudi Arabian black metal band can not do live shows in Saudi Arabia.

What’s that name?

They decided to name the band after Babylon King named Nimrod – a fierce warrior who annihilated the Babylon tower before declaring himself the creator and ruler of the universe. Since there’s no concept of a mortal being the creator of the universe, Al-Namrood roughly translates to the unbeliever.

Saudi Arabian black metal band is tired of being bound by religion and society.

Why form the band?

The members of the Saudi Arabian black metal band claim that they are tired of being governed by religion and society. Upon being advised by a shrink that they must express what they feel, they resorted to singing where the lyrics know no bounds. They believe that religion and society are a couple of excessive powers which closely interact to fulfill one another.

Band members of Saudi Arabian black metal band.

Key obstacles for band members

The Saudi Arabian black metal band members have been jailed on multiple occassions for sharing their thoughts at earlier ages. Since then, they have resorted to being mentally obscure from what goes on in the surroundings. This is why they tend to keep their identity a secret which creates a number of obstacles. Even finding decent musical equipment is an issue since music is forbidden in these parts.

Music equipment of Saudi Arabian black metal band.

The ultimate dilemma

Mephisto and other members belonging to the Saudi Arabian black metal band believe that there is a lot of hypocrisy around. People know that the religion forbids music but they still listen to it under the concept that God forgives. However, there seems to be no concept of forgiveness when it’s about freedom of choice. That explains why the performers do not see the Saudi Arabian black metal band ever doing a live show in the country.

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