Worst Superhero Castings That Messed Up Your Favorite Characters

Film makers can often make some of the most horrible decisions. Poor choices when casting actors is one of these which can make the character look totally out of place. Here are some of the worst superhero castings.

George Clooney - Worst superhero castings

George Clooney (Batman)

Make no mistake, George Clooney has gained a lot of fame over the years due to his great acting skills, and rightly so. Though, he failed to make a mark as Batman which tainted his image as an actor. There is no doubt that the writing and direction of the film ‘Batman and Robin’ back in 1997 was all over the place; however, the way Clooney carried himself as Batman mainly led to his downfall. Clooney clearly lacked typical Batman features like the angst, darkness and quick switch of personality between Batman and Bruce Wayne. Instead, he seemed laid back and quite frivolous as though he never switched from Bruce Wayne. Arguably, it’s hard to take Batman seriously if he has nipples sticking out like that.

Chris O Donnell - Worst superhero castings

Chris O’Donnell (Robin)

When it comes to worst superhero castings, Chris O’Donnell as Robin deserves a mention. A 25 year old cast as Robin, a sidekick, clearly didn’t do the character any favors. Granted that the character was quite inappropriately written, O’Donnell still managed to act decently. However, due to the flawed choice of cast, this variant of Robin failed to capture the theme that was sorely needed.

Jennifer Lawrence - Worst superhero castings

Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique)

It’s not so much the acting but the kind of character that Jennifer Lawrence plays that makes this seem like one of the worst superhero castings. It almost felt like the character if Mystique was written around Lawrence, almost as though the suit wore Lawrence rather than the other way around. The character is portrayed as a righteous individual who happens to be out against Trask for revenge. Rebecca Romijn from the original X-men movie seemed like a much fitting cast for the role.

Tobey Maguire - Worst superhero castings

Tobey Maguire (Spiderman)

How could you possibly look past Tobey Maguire as Spiderman when compiling a list of the worst superhero castings? Seriously, though, Maguire has a knack of annoying viewers with his overacting whether it is with the endless crying sequences as Peter Parker or the underwhelming jokes as Spiderman. Besides, his physical stature his such that does not quite do justice to Spiderman, or any superhero for that matter. Clearly, Maguire failed to be the Spiderman we know and like from the comics.

Anna Hathaway - Worst superhero castings

Anne Hathaway (Catwoman)

It would be unfair to conclude the list of the worst superhero castings without the mention of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. If you have ever followed the character, you would be aware that Catwoman is known of her beauty and her body, along with the feline movement (which explains the name). While Hathaway checks the beauty box, she fails to carry herself as Catwoman is expected to. Conversely, Halle Berry played a much better Catwoman back in 2004 with her cat-like movement and feminine charms even though the costume was way over the top. That’s precisely how you do justice to a character like Catwoman.

Unhonorable mentions:

Kevin Spacey (Lex Luthor)

Anna Paquin (Rogue)

Ron Ely (Doc Savage)

If you believe there are more who fall in the category of the worst superhero castings, let us know in the comments.

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